Linhai 260cc 300cc Starter

We can supply Linhai 260cc 300cc starter.Starter is the most important part in the ATV engine.

Starters are divided into DC electric starters, gasoline starters, compressed air starters and so on according to the working principle. Most of the internal combustion engines use DC electric starters, which are characterized by compact structure, simple operation and easy maintenance.

As we all know, the start of the engine requires the support of external forces, and the car starter plays this role. Generally speaking, the starter uses three components to implement the entire startup process. The DC series motor introduces current from the battery and causes the drive gear of the starter to move mechanically; the transmission mechanism meshes the drive gear into the flywheel ring gear and can automatically disengage after the engine starts; the on and off of the starter circuit is controlled by a Magnetic switch to control. Among them, the electric motor is the main component inside the starter, and its working principle is based on the energy conversion process based on Ampere's law, that is, the action of the energized conductor in the magnetic field. The motor includes the necessary armature, commutator, magnetic poles, brushes, bearings and housing. Before the engine can run on its own power, it must be rotated by external force. The process of the engine's transition from standstill to self-running by external force is called engine starting

We can supply Linhai 260cc 300cc starter.

linhai 260cc 300cc starter

Linhai 260cc 300cc starter.

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