KTM 250 300 Starter Motor

KTM 250 300 Starter Motor is a motor that is installed on the engine.Start the motor, reduce the trouble of starting the engine by manpower, start quickly, can be reused, and widely used. Commonly used for starting automobile engines, starting generators, and starting large construction machinery.

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KTM 250 STAERTER MOTORktm 300 starter motor

KTM 250 300 Starter Motor converts the electric energy of the battery into mechanical energy, and drives the flywheel on the engine to realize the starting of the engine. Starter motor structure: DC motor, transmission mechanism and electromagnetic switch.

Transmission mechanism: When the engine is started, the gear driven by the starter motor is meshed with the flywheel ring gear to transmit the torque on the starter motor to the engine crankshaft. After the engine is started, the starter is automatically disengaged from the ring gear.

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