Linhai 300cc Rear Shock Absorber

We can supply Linhai 300cc rear shock absorber.It directly affects the ride comfort and handling of the vehicle, which will affect our driving safety.

The term "shock absorber" is a common term in the automotive chassis industry. A car shock absorber is actually a vibration damper. Shock absorbers are not only used in suspensions in automobiles, but also in other positions. For example, it is used in the cab, seat, steering wheel, etc. It can also be used as a bumper on the vehicle bumper.

When the ATV passes through uneven roads, although the shock-absorbing spring can filter the vibration of the road, the spring itself will also have reciprocating motion, and the shock absorber is used to inhibit this spring jumping.

Its working principle is that when the vehicle body is subject to relative motion due to vibration, the piston in the shock absorber moves up and down, and the oil in the shock absorber cavity repeatedly flows from one cavity to another cavity through different apertures. At this time, the friction between the hole wall and the oil and the internal friction between the oil molecules form a damping force on the vibration, so that the car's vibration energy is converted into oil heat energy, which is then absorbed by the shock absorber and distributed to the atmosphere. Energy is converted into heat through friction to reduce vibration.

Our linhai 300cc rear shock absorber has good shock absorption.

Linhai 300cc rear shock absorber

Linhai 300cc rear shock absorber

Fit for: Linhai 300cc ATV

Code: 26924

After-sales service:

If there is a problem with the goods during use, please contact us in time. If it is a quality problem, we can provide you with free replacement or repair. If it is due to improper use, we will not be able to provide you with free repairs.

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