Linhai 260B Rear Shock Absorber

We can supply Linhai 260B rear shock absorber.It is widely used in ATV to accelerate the attenuation of frame and body vibration to improve the ride comfort of ATV.

The ATV shock absorber is an important part of the ATV suspension system. Its role is to suppress the absorption of vibration and deformation by the spring rebound shock and absorb the impact of the road. It directly affects the ride comfort and handling of the vehicle, which will affect our driving safety.

In the suspension system, vibration is generated due to the impact of the elastic components. In order to improve the ride comfort of the ATV, a shock absorber is installed in parallel with the elastic components in the suspension to damp the vibration.

In the suspension system, a cylindrical shock absorber is widely used, and it can play a damping role in both compression and extension strokes. It is called a two-way shock absorber, and a new type of shock absorber is used, which includes an inflatable shock absorber. And adjustable resistance shock absorbers.

Our linhai 260B rear shock absorber will help you to fix the vehicle.

Linhai 260B rear shock absorber

Linhai 260B rear shock absorber

Fit for: Linhai 260cc-b ATV

Code: 25104

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