Hisun 700cc UTV Shock Absorbers

Hisun 700cc UTV Shock Absorbers' demand is that the spring cannot be stabilized immediately. After the spring is compressed and then released, it will continue to stretch and contract for a period of time. So the shock absorber can absorb the vibration caused by the wheel on the uneven road.

ERP No of Front :PJ00000551000900                                                     ERP No of Rear:PJ00000521000900

Hisun Code: 55100-J00000-0900/55100-J00000-1800                          MOQ: 1 pc 

Shipping: Express                                                                                    Delivery time: 3-15 days 

Hisun 700 UTV shock absorberHisun 700cc front and rear shock absobers

Hisun 700cc UTV Shock Absorbers   and the elastic element undertake the tasks of cushioning impact and shock absorption. If the damping force is too large, the elasticity of the suspension will deteriorate, and even the connection parts of the shock absorber will be damaged. Therefore, the contradiction between the elastic element and the shock absorber must be adjusted.

(1) During the compression stroke (the axle and the frame are close to each other), the damping force of the shock absorber is small, so as to give full play to the elasticity of the elastic element and mitigate the impact. At this time, the elastic element plays a major role.

(2) During the extension of the suspension (the axle and the frame are far away from each other), the damping force of the shock absorber should be large to quickly absorb the shock.

(3) When the relative speed between the axle (or wheel) and the axle is too large, it is required that the shock absorber can automatically increase the fluid flow, so that the damping force is always kept within a certain limit to avoid being subjected to excessive shocks Load.

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Hisun 700 UTV

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The minimum quantity is 1 piece

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