CFMOTO 500 Rear Shock Absorber 9010-060600-1000

The shock absorber (Absorber) is used to suppress the shock and the impact from the road surface when the spring rebounds after shock absorption. It is widely used in automobiles to accelerate the attenuation of vibration of the frame and body to improve the ride comfort of the automobile.

CFMOTO 500 Rear Shock Absorber 9010-060600-1000

In the suspension system, vibration is generated due to the impact of the elastic element. In order to improve the ride comfort of the vehicle, a shock absorber is installed in parallel with the elastic element in the suspension. The working principle is that when there is relative movement between the frame (or body) and the axle under vibration, the piston in the shock absorber moves up and down, and the oil in the shock absorber cavity repeatedly passes through a cavity through different The pores flow into another cavity. At this time, the friction between the hole wall and the oil and the internal friction between the oil molecules form a damping force on the vibration, so that the vibration energy of the car is converted into the heat energy of the oil, and then absorbed by the shock absorber and emitted into the atmosphere. When the oil channel cross-section and other factors remain unchanged, the damping force increases and decreases with the relative movement speed between the frame and the axle (or wheel), and is related to the oil viscosity.

9010-060600-1000 500 REAR SHOCK ABSORBER

2007-2009 CF500 Long 2-Up ATV

2007-2009 CF500 Short ATV

2011 CF500-2 (Single Seat) ATV

2012 CF500-2 (Single Seat) ATV

2012 CF500-2A Two-Up ATV

2013 CF500-2 (Single Seat) ATV

2013 X5 LWB X-Lander (efi) ATV

2013 X5 LWB X-Lander ATV

2014 CF500cc HO EPS

2014 X5LWB Carb (Double Seat)

2014 X5LWB EFI (Double Seat)

2014 X5SWB Carb (Single Seat)

2014 X5SWB EFI (Single Seat)


2015 CForce 500cc SWB

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