ZFORCE800 25th Anniversary Model

ZFORCE800 25th Anniversary Model

Date:Mar 05, 2020

When you sit on the spring breeze Z8 25th anniversary model, the driving intention in the chest will roar out.The Z8 of 25 anniversary commemorates a money to subvert and come, let crisscrossing road, all become happy journey.Mountain high water far, accompanied by red dust, xiao xiao sprinkling.The real SSV must be both inside and outside.Spring breeze Z8 commemorative, cool image captured people's hearts and souls, strong power to break through the self.The use of simple and perfect color language, SSV dynamic and power intimate interweave.Angular modeling lines, not stick to one style design, let the heart with the wheel rotation.Release speed vigorously, is the Z8 commemorative travel speed.The spring breeze Z8 commemorative model carries a powerful power heart.The 800ccV twin cylinder, eight valve, single overhead camshaft engine has a power of 46kw.Supplemented by the CVT non-polar transmission and two wheels and four wheels timely switch of the golden combination, efficient kinetic energy and low energy consumption.Each passionate journey, let the surging power, free to gallop in the wilderness mountains.Comfortable driving experience, give you the most wonderful journey in plain language summed up the Z8 commemorative style, can be described in two words: "comfortable", seat package, support in place.In order to meet the comfort of drivers of different heights, the front and rear seats and the steering wheel can also be adjusted, and turning is safe and stable.The seat adjustment range is up to 45mm, and the steering wheel adjustment range can be tilted 17cm to meet the driving comfort of people of different heights.The front and rear double wishbone independent suspension allows you to minimize vibration and smooth out rough terrain on the most bumpy roads.Design style has a unique style, lighting up the most gorgeous you: the spring breeze design style has always been unique, 2015 such a style again sublimation, more and more handsome, more and more dynamic, car lights dazzling, charming.The 25th anniversary of the spring breeze gathered the essence of the spring breeze dynamic design, but do not lose simple atmosphere, more than a kind of temperament verve, this is the international atv rare spirit.The new decal and hub color scheme is the Z8's 25th anniversary centerpiece.The Z8 is available in 25 th anniversary colors - mother-red and mother-blue.Red as hot torch, guide the warriors on the journey;Blue as the vast universe, calling on the hero to march forward.Black and white tilting LCD screen instrument, backlight control switch button, to ensure that you can drive at night at a glance.In addition, the details and giveaways of the 25th anniversary model are also impressive -- complete with car clothes, filing bags and key hangers.Intimate details only to meet your perfectionist nature, let you in every drive to light the light of personality.

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