Why Can't The ATV Be Licensed In China

Why Can't The ATV Be Licensed In China

Date:Mar 18, 2020


Because in China, the country does not currently have laws and regulations that allow ATVs to be placed on road plates. This type of vehicle is not listed in the catalog (see the Measures for the Administration of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses of the People's Republic of China), and it is not a disabled vehicle. Motorized vehicles, so you can't get out of the way like an electric bicycle. In foreign countries, some countries clearly stipulate that ATVs are special vehicles and can only be used in designated places, such as entertainment places, sports arenas, farms, forests and other places. It is illegal to go on the road. For example, in the United States, many American car racers place ATVs on the bucket behind the pickup truck to run on the highway, and then unload them at a designated place to play. In addition, some countries have clearly stipulated that ATVs can be put on the road, such as France, but the vehicles must meet the corresponding conditions on the road, including turning lights, rearview mirrors, reflectors, horns, and required headlights. However, there are some methods and channels that can still get ATVs on the road. After a friend bought a car at this station, he gave the ATV a license for a tricycle, and some friends regarded the ATV as a moped. However, the actual situation is different in each place. Everyone's interpretation and implementation of the policy are different. There is no guarantee that the license will be available in your area.

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