Date:Dec 11, 2020
Launch of CFMOTO EV brand ZEEHO and its concept product Cyber Concept
Seven centuries ago, Leonardo da Vinci awakened the public sense for “New Beauty” and reshaped the word “Aesthetics”. Three centuries ago, James Watt improved the steam engine, thus replacing manpower by heat. The idea “Technology changes life.” rapidly stole the spotlight from the public. Centuries later, today, industrialization and aesthetics are becoming inevitable topics in our daily life, while very few of us are considering how they will interact with each other.
It is never a joke that we people could integrate arts into technology.
It is not hard to express the way people combine their intelligence and diligence.

It is not easy to follow the revolutionary trend, but CFMOTO is doing it.

Driven by the energy revolution, lots of countries are redefining the industry policies and creating huge market opportunities and challenges. In our days, customers are making more demands when it comes to design, technology as well as the power. Steven Jobs reshaped the boundary between arts and smartphones, Elon Musk accelerated the transition to electric vehicles while Robert Bosch progressed the connected objects. Is it too late to step into the new world? CFMOTO, who has been in the motorcycle industry for over 30 years, says, it is just the start.

Since a revolution that is necessary for human survival and the environment is imminent, green travel has become a global trend. According to the new standards, the traditional energy, fossil fuels, are now legging way behind. However, the electric drive, hybrid, solar and wind energy are changing the automobile industry as well as the motorcycle industry. Driven by the new energy, riders across the world are telling new stories.


Back in August 2018, CFMOTO announced the decision and started the new journey: launch of the EV Division to embrace the upcoming challenges. To better appeal to the new industry trend, CFMOTO proposed ZEEHO, the new EV brand to the market. The “Life Amplified”, aims at providing enjoyable moments and a trendy lifestyle to young generations through the tech-driven product, the user-comfort focused experience and lifestyle accessories. CFMOTO, famous for high-quality and large-displacement motorcycles, this time, is adopting the ZEEHO tech-driven design concept, not only by applying the most artistic design to highlight the beauty of technology, but also integrating cutting-edge technology into product functions.

According to the current developments, CFMOTO will officially launch mass production in the first half of 2021 for the domestic market.


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