What's Wrong With ATV Body Jitter

What's Wrong With ATV Body Jitter

Date:Jul 04, 2020


   Reasons for body shaking when ATV is driving:

   The vehicle body is slightly shaken or shifted during driving. The common cause is caused by tire failure:

   1. Poor tire balance,

   2. A tire pressure is insufficient,

   3. The wheel is deformed and out of round.

  Solution for body shake when ATV is driving:

   Do a four-wheel positioning and dynamic balancing, if the vehicle does not run off, just do the dynamic balancing of the tire.

   Adjust the tire pressure.

   Replace the wheel.

   Common causes of body shaking at low speed or starting:

   If the body trembles at the start or at low speed, the most likely problem is the clutch. This happens after the clutch secondary clutch disc or V-belt is scratched.

   ATV body shaking at low speed or starting solution:

   Replace the damaged parts of the clutch.

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