What Are The Risks Of Driving With A Bad Ball Joint?

What Are The Risks Of Driving With A Bad Ball Joint?

Date:May 14, 2020

Hisun 500 ATV Right Ball JointHisun 500 UTV Right Ball Joint

What are the symptoms of worn ball joints?

Maintaining a good dust seal and lubrication in the socket are important to maximizing ball joint life. Worn ball joints contribute to looseness in the front suspension.  If the looseness is severe, the driver may notice steering looseness, steering vibration, or unusual noises but it often causes other problems before it may be noticeable to the driver.  For instance, worn ball joints prevent your vehicle from maintaining wheel alignment.  This may result in the tires not maintaining optimum contact with the road.  This may contribute to excessive tire wear, shortening the life of your expensive tires. 


What are the risks of driving with a bad ball joint?

A worn ball joint is not a problem that should be ignored.  If the wear becomes severe, the stud may separate from the housing resulting in immediate loss of control of your vehicle which may put everyone in danger. Should you suspect worn ball joints, you should have your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic who has experience with diagnosing suspension problems.

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