Warriors On The Battlefiled

Warriors On The Battlefiled

Date:Dec 04, 2019


The car uses a common all-terrain ATV chassis, which looks very similar to the common beach bike we go out for. This all-terrain vehicle is designed by the Weapons Group. Compared with the civilian ATV, it focuses on strengthening the suspension system and the overall protection performance. It still runs normally under minor impact and damage.

While ensuring protection, its maneuverability and bearing capacity have also been greatly improved. Thanks to the ATV chassis, four large ground-surface tires and spring double wishbones provide the car with unparalleled off-road performance. The large displacement of 500CC also makes the car have a very surging power, can easily run more than 80 high speeds on the platform wasteland, even on rough terrain can guarantee to run more than 40 speeds, the mobility can be said to be a ride It's dusty.

The most amazing thing about this car is its armed configuration. The car has no extra design. The front bumper is directly above the front rack, which can be used to supply supplies or spare ammunition. It can also be equipped with communication equipment and reconnaissance photoelectric equipment. In addition, there are also fixed equipment and buckles on the rack, and the articles that meet the specifications can be firmly fixed directly on it. Behind the seat is the weapon operating platform.

The weapon operation platform on display is a third-generation anti-tank missile. The missile uses a secondary firing method. A variety of launch trajectories can be set to high-ballistic attack mode or direct strike mode. Program the "Banana Ball" trajectory and draw an arc to attack the enemy tank. This missile has an attack range of 5 kilometers, not high or low, just farther than the attack range of tanks, and has absolute advantages in open areas and urban street battles. The missile is also very light, weighing about 20 kilograms. Although it can't be carried by people, the vehicle can easily take two or three, and go out of the palace with one ride.

The most frightening thing is that this car also has a certain data link system combat capability. It can be connected to Wuzhi-10ME through a data link. The "treetop killer" relies on the EOTS photoelectric targeting system to lock the enemy's tank cluster at a low altitude. A group of anti-tank missiles in the distance took off, and the tank cluster was reduced to consumables for system warfare in a panic. This car can not only install anti-tank missiles, but also anti-aircraft missiles, mortars, recoilless guns, and even 107mm rockets. Only you can't think of it, without him.

This is such a guerrilla warfare artifact. He does not sell one or two million, does not eat particularly high technology, and does not need high-grade fuel. It only needs 200,000 yuan. The guerrilla warfare artifact is brought home! Add another tens of thousands of dollars, and also I can take a few more missiles home! This cheap and easy-to-use weapon seems simple and violent, but it is actually a manifestation of the great wisdom of China ’s defense industry. Cheap and easy to use high technology is the last word.

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