Volkswagen IDbuggy New Convertible ATV

Volkswagen IDbuggy New Convertible ATV

Date:Dec 10, 2019


Recently, Volkswagen IDbuggy's new convertible ATV came to China. This new car once appeared at the Frankfurt International Auto Show in Germany. At the time, it attracted the attention of many fans.

From the aspect of appearance design, the new car is indeed non-mainstream enough. In the long run, it would never be expected that this is a Volkswagen product. The front face part can see the brand new Volkswagen logo. . The headlights and head shape look a bit like the Beatles.

There are only two seats inside the cockpit, and they are one-piece waterproof seats. Even if there is water in the car, there is no problem, but the seat back cannot be adjusted.

The basic version uses rear driving force, and the limit output of an electric motor reaches 201 horsepower, while the customized version can choose to add a same motor to the front axle. The limit output of the entire vehicle or over 400 horsepower, the ultimate torque is even more. 600 Nm.

Such data is comparable to many hard-core off-road vehicles. The power parameters are even far better than the Haval H9 flagship SUV, but the range is relatively low. The comprehensive range can only be maintained at about 240 kilometers, which is enough to play on the beach and not suitable for long distances.

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