U.S. Approves Export Of Aero Engine To China

U.S. Approves Export Of Aero Engine To China

Date:Apr 17, 2020

A General Electric spokesperson said on April 7 that it has obtained an export license from the Trump administration to allow the export of aero engines to the COMAC C919 aircraft.

Reuters exclusive report, General Electric said that it has been notified that the license to export the engine to the C919 was approved, and its subsidiary General Aviation's joint venture partner-Safran France also confirmed the news.

At the beginning of the year, there were media reports that the United States was considering preventing GE from exporting the CFM LEAP-1C aero engine for the C919 to COMAC on the grounds that it feared that China might reverse engineer the engine and damage the US commercial interests.

Trump also said in an interview that some people are too "obsessed with national security" and will not sacrifice the interests of American companies because of false "national security":

"I hope China buys our aircraft engines. After all, this is the best in the world."

Immediately, it was reported that the US government plans to approve GM to supply engines to China.

U.S. approves export of aero engine to China

After repeated trade-offs between commercial interests and national security, the United States still agreed to export aeroengines to COMAC

The C919 project is currently GE ’s second-largest order, and GE is already under tremendous operating pressure when the 737MAX is grounded for almost a year.

If you lose the C919 future big order, then the previous R & D expenses will be completely floated, and you may even face huge compensation for the lack of supply.

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