The History Of All Terrien Vehicle

The History Of All Terrien Vehicle

Date:Aug 08, 2020

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All-terrain vehicles originated in North America in 1960. Americans riding their original motorcycles were swollen on the snowy, muddy and wet roads. The old beauty, who did nothing but whimsical, complained about the bad weather and road conditions. At the same time, they even wished to have such a machine: it had to be light, small, and able to travel freely in bad weather and bad road conditions. As a result, a small single-engine, off-road motorcycle that can run on snow was born, and this was the earliest prototype of an all-terrain vehicle.

In 1970, Honda Industry, the world's most capable motorcycle maker, took the lead in launching a three-wheeled all-terrain vehicle formerly known as US90 and later renamed ATC90. It was equipped with an 89cc four-stroke single-cylinder with 7 horsepower. The engine, which officially opened the era of all-terrain vehicles.

In the ten years after the advent of all-terrain vehicles, this culture basically belongs to the three-wheeled era, and the manufacturers that can mass produce are nothing more than the four most capable motorcycle manufacturers in Japan (Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki). ). Until 1982, Suzuki Industry finally evolved a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle named QuadRunner LT125 in the three-wheeled gameplay. At this time, the all-terrain culture was finally not limited to the three-wheeled structure. Since the beginning of the four-wheel era of all-terrain vehicles, the whimsical Americans finally could not sit still. They began to try to apply the earliest four-wheel drive technology to all-terrain vehicles. This was a very crazy thing, but they refused to admit defeat. Americans were surprised to find that four-wheel drive not only did not destroy the power coordination, but made it stronger, and more freely in various terrains, so all-terrain vehicles finally became worthy of the name, and at the same time, four-wheel drive technology also Began to be widely used in this field.

   The so-called all-terrain vehicle is called All Terrain Vehicle in English, abbreviated as ATV as we know it. In China, many people like to call ATVs "ATVs" because they look like motorcycles and have similar structural principles to motorcycles. Some people also call them "beach motorcycles" or "quad bikes." A relatively positive understanding should be: ATV is a "bar type" four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle, and when the ATV culture is getting stronger, derivative models based on this "bar type" four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle come behind.

   Among them, one of the most famous derivative models is probably "UTV". UTV stands for Utility Terrain Vehicle. Compared with ATV, UTV has a more practical design. In addition to using the steering wheel to control, UTV is also equipped with protective measures such as roll cages and seat belts. As for why there is no ATV, it may be because of the structure of the model.

   And in terms of use, it is difficult for someone to say exactly what the purpose of the all-terrain is. Some people say that this is a small and convenient tool vehicle, and some people say that the all-terrain was born for competition. These statements are true, because all-terrain vehicles are really too versatile. No matter whether it is ATV or UTV, they are the pampers of off-road races and the places that all kinds of cars can't reach. There is no doubt that, besides the competition, ATV and UTV are also difficult to replace in various inspections and farm vehicles. Status. Also in the United States, a large area of virgin forest is definitely not accessible by car, but all terrain is no problem, or Americans like to go hunting in the mountains or pulling grass on the farm at every turn. UTV has the same relative cargo capacity. It has an irreplaceable position.

   Because of the demand for practicality, the all-terrain vehicle market has expanded significantly, and this trend has gradually spread from North America, Europe, and Oceania to the world. From 1988, when the US government expressed concerns about safety, to ATV manufacturers agreeing to stop selling 3-wheel ATVs, to the emergence of safety rules in the ATV industry, too many changes have taken place in this area. But no matter how it changes, we are very pleased to see that ATVs are becoming more and more adaptable. From the initial off-road competition, to private needs, to government needs, the role of ATVs is gradually becoming more diverse.

   Due to the extraordinary performance of all-terrain vehicles, several notable classifications have been developed according to their uses:

  Entertainment All-Terrain Vehicle: A low-displacement passenger tool common on beaches and grasslands.

   Farmer's car: a work tool with better off-road performance and a heavier load, used for farm, orchard and other operations. In winter in North America and northern Europe, people can use practical all-terrain vehicles as snow removal tools.

  Snowmobile: A special all-terrain vehicle with a snow plow and a modified tire structure for the snowy environment.

  Military all-terrain vehicle: refers to a vehicle that can travel on any terrain. The biggest feature is that it can walk freely on terrain that is difficult for ordinary vehicles to maneuver. Classified according to the way of walking, all-terrain vehicles have two types: wheeled and crawler. The military potential of all-terrain vehicles has been recognized by more and more military forces, and its development is in the ascendant. It is not only a large family, but also a variety of models and novel styles. Nowadays, all-terrain vehicles have a trend of miniaturization, serving special forces. The United States has invested in the "athlete" 700MV all-terrain vehicle in several local wars, which has been highly praised by American officers and soldiers.

   China’s current industry standards divide all-terrain vehicles into three categories: four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles (ATV), multi-functional all-terrain vehicles (UV), and entertainment vehicles (Go-kart)

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