Selection Criteria Of Drive Clutch

Selection Criteria Of Drive Clutch

Date:Sep 15, 2020

cf moto 500cc drive clutchCF 500CC drive clutch

Bushing inspection standard:

1. Appearance quality The surface of the sample should be free of bubbles, burrs, deformation, uniform material, and no irritating odor.

2. Size

(1) Testing related dimensions with vernier calipers should meet the requirements of related technologies and drawings.

(2) After the shaft sleeve is matched with the rotating shaft, the rotor is vertically downward, and the shaft sleeve will not slide freely under its own weight.

3. Heat resistance and aging resistance test

(1) After the sample is subjected to 125℃/1h ball pressure test, the indentation should be ≤2mm, and there is no deformation by visual inspection.

(2) After putting the sample into the oven at 120°C/96 hours, visually check that the shaft sleeve has no embrittlement or deformation.

4. Fire resistance test

The flame retardant grade is VW-1, and it should be extinguished within 15S after burning with alcohol lamp for 15S.

5. Packaging and logo

(1) The packaging should be firm, reliable and safe to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation.

(2) The package should indicate the supplier's code and name, product name, product quantity, material code, quality inspection mark, production date, etc. The mark should be clear and accurate, and there should be no mixed packaging.

(3) In order to increase the traceability of the product, it is required to mark the production batch number in a prominent place on the outer packaging. The supply lot number should be indicated on the product's inspection certificate or the original record of inspection (experiment).

6. The content of hazardous substances (RoHS Directive)

If used in RoHS directive models, the materials should meet the RoHS directive requirements.

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