Russian Light Fast Assault Vehicle

Russian Light Fast Assault Vehicle

Date:Mar 24, 2020


Russia has inherited most of the military power of the Soviet Union. Although Russia is far worse than the former Soviet Union, its military strength has decreased year by year. But there is a saying that the camel is bigger than a horse. Now Russia still has a lot of good weapons and equipment, such as this very gangster-like equipment that we will say next.

This equipment is called a light fast assault vehicle, which is specially prepared by Russia for their special forces, mainly to quickly detect and occupy enemy targets on the battlefield. Let's talk about his hooligan. This assault vehicle is different from ordinary military off-road vehicles. It is extremely fast and has a very strong passing ability.

Often I can run immediately after hitting the enemy. Others have no way to take him. Does it sound very hooligan? This can be achieved mainly due to the excellent design of the car, because it wants the speed and the ability to perform tasks quickly. airdrop.

There is also its powerful active suspension system, which greatly improves the stability of the car's body and improves performance. Most of the obstacles are difficult for him. This car can then be equipped with machine guns or grenade launchers, and can also be equipped with different equipment according to the needs of the mission. The combination of various advantages makes this vehicle's combat capability and maneuverability very strong, so that it can achieve a combat ability that people can do nothing about.

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