Refueling JM8 Steed ATV

Refueling JM8 Steed ATV

Date:Feb 27, 2020


For the JM8 "Horse" series, this car is actually a typical articulated crawler all-terrain vehicle. The manufacturer of the JM8 "Horse" series ATVs is Guizhou Zhanyang Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. It is a type of military ATVs developed from the company's JY813 series civilian ATVs. This series of ATVs The vehicle weighs about ten tons (depending on the model) and is equipped with a diesel engine of about 304 horsepower. The maximum driving distance can reach 500 kilometers, the maximum driving speed can reach 60 kilometers per hour, and the maximum off-road speed can reach 25 km / h, and have a certain water driving capacity (speeding up to 5 km / h by crawler water skiing). The JM8 "Horse" series ATV can easily cross a ditch with a width of 1.5 meters, cross a vertical obstacle with a height of 0.6 meters, and climb a slope with a slope of 31 °. The rear compartment (body) of the JM8 "Horse" series ATV can be installed with different types of modules according to the needs of the task, thereby transforming it into a multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle such as transportation, refueling, rescue, and water purification .

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