Polaris Sportsman 90

Polaris Sportsman 90

Date:Apr 21, 2020

I have this Polaris Sportsman 90 2 stroke, Its either A 2000 or 2002 model. No spark, no voltage at coil. I need to know if its the stator? So I did two tests (correct me if I am testing it wrong) first test I put multimeter on 200 ohm setting, put black test lead on black stator wire- red test lead on yellow stator wire and I got 0.13. I left black test lead on black wire and moved the red test lead to white stator wire, got 0.13 again. Moved the red test lead to white/red wire and nothing but 00.0, same reading when I moved to the black/red wire. Second test was with tester on 2K setting, this showed full continuity with black lead on black wire and red lead on yellow wire, the same for white wire. white/red wire showed .427. Black/red wire showed .780.


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