Polaris All-terrain Vehicle Wins U.S. Military Order Again

Polaris All-terrain Vehicle Wins U.S. Military Order Again

Date:Aug 15, 2020

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Recently, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the North Star Defense Corporation (USSOCOM) signed a contract worth 109 million U.S. dollars to purchase 814 "Polaris" MRZR Alpha ultralight all-terrain vehicles (LTATV) for the US Special Operations Command. Project modified version). The picture shows the "Polaris" MRZR-D4 in maneuvering

The contract was signed after Polaris and Textron's bids were competitively tendered. According to the contract signed in September 2013, Polaris Defense provided 1,500 ultralight all-terrain vehicles "Polaris" MRZR-D2 (two-seater, top picture) and MRZR-D4 (four-seater, bottom picture) for the US military; In the 2016 contract, another 144 MRZR-D2/D4 vehicles were delivered to the U.S. Marine Corps. The "Polaris" ultralight all-terrain vehicle is assembled at the Polaris plant in Minnesota.

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MRZR Alpha is the latest modified version of the MRZR series. There are also two-seater and four-seater versions, but the photos of the new version have not been released yet. The picture shows the "Polaris" MRZR-D4 in maneuvering

The new seven-year contract provides for two-seater and four-seater MRZR Alpha with diesel engines, as well as seven options or packages, including diesel-electric hybrid engines, additional rear seats and safety rails, modular Cargo compartment, weapon tower, roof kit, enclosed cabin kit and Arctic bag. The picture shows the "Polaris" MRZR-D4 in the mountains and ridges

The compact sci-fi MRZR-D2/D4 ultralight all-terrain vehicle has a 4x4 drive format and an open configuration. The power unit is an 88-horsepower 875CC displacement Prostar900 engine; due to the excellent suspension system and tires, MRZR -D2/D4 can not only cross mountains and ridges, but also smoothly pass through a certain depth of water, sandy/swamp/muddy terrain, and its maneuverability is amazing. It is mainly equipped with U.S. special forces for personnel carrying short-distance maneuvers, surprise attacks, wounded and vehicle rescue and so on. The picture shows the "Polaris" MRZR-D4 in the snow

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