King Of ATV Production

King Of ATV Production

Date:Feb 14, 2020

To lift the tracked all-terrain vehicle, the first thing many people think of is the Swedish Bv.206.

But did you know that this special vehicle developed by Hagllunds was developed 40 years ago and it is still in service in the Swedish Army. In 1973, the Swedish military began to seek an alternative to Bv.202, requiring that it can carry 2 tons of supplies or 17 fully armed soldiers, with an off-road performance of not less than Bv.202, low operating costs, convenient training of occupants, and hope for new equipment The life span can reach 15 years.

In 1974, after a comparative test, the Swedish military announced that Hegron was awarded the project. From 1976 to 1981, the Swedish military tested 52 different prototypes and finally selected the Bv.206 configuration. In April 1981, the first batch of Bv.206 was delivered to the Swedish Army. In the following days, Hegelon produced more than 11,000 Bv.206 and exported it to 37 countries and regions. It is believed that when the first prototype was born in 1974, no one would have thought that it would achieve such great success that even the US Army was equipped with this all-terrain vehicle.

To date, Bv.206 is still the official equipment of the Swedish Army. It has excellent performance, low operating costs, and a long life span that exceeds the requirements of the tender. Bv.206 consists of two compartments, connected by a set of hydraulic rods. This all-terrain vehicle has four tracks, which is 4 × 4 according to the driving mode of the car, which gives it excellent off-road capabilities. Through the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic link between the compartments, the Bv.206 has a large degree of freedom in the front and rear compartments, so that it can complete steering or special actions, and has better off-road performance than ordinary tracked vehicles.

The Bv.206 can carry 12 to 16 people, 4 to 6 people in the front compartment, and 8 to 10 people in the rear compartment. There are four doors in the front compartment to facilitate occupants getting on and off. The rear compartment has a side door and a large tail door. Two longitudinal benches are set inside to facilitate the arrangement of personnel or supplies. The double-layer compartment is made of glass fiber reinforced polymer (GRP).

The driver's position of Bv.206 is located at the front left of the front compartment. Driving this special tracked vehicle does not require special skills, which greatly facilitates training work, which meets the requirements of the Swedish military to reduce operating costs. The 125-horsepower Ford Cologne V6 water-cooled diesel engine is designed for extreme cold weather and can be started at -40 ° C. This makes the Bv.206 an important vehicle for many polar adventures.

The Bv.206 was equipped with the Mercedes-Benz W4A-018 automatic transmission, which was very rare at the time. Such advanced equipment greatly reduced the driver's work intensity. The car is equipped with a powerful air-conditioning system, which can keep the temperature inside the car 30 ° C higher than the external environment. This is very important for Sweden in cold regions and has become a secret weapon for the successful export of the car.

Four tracks greatly reduce ground pressure, making it easy to face the harsh field conditions in Scandinavia. The rubber track has longitudinal fiber reinforcement inside and is equipped with a steel reinforcement. After long-term use certification by the Swedish Army, the life of the rubber track exceeds 10,000 kilometers, exceeding most metal tracks. Each track has five road wheels, the last road wheel doubles as the induction wheel, and the driving wheel is in front.

The total weight of Bv.206 is 4.5 tons. Due to its excellent sealing performance, it can also float, and paddle on the water through the crawler. The maximum speed of the road is 55 km / h and the maximum speed of 4.5 km / h on the water, which can fully meet the needs of various uses. Bv.206 also has many variants, becoming a huge car family. Many Bv.206 retired from the army have become the private cars of ordinary people and continue to play their residual heat.

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