Industry News: Polaris Supports Manufacturing Jobs

Industry News: Polaris Supports Manufacturing Jobs

Date:Oct 26, 2020

 It’s all about the people that make it possible.

Sure it’s perhaps best known for candy and costumes, October is also recognized as National Manufacturing Month. Polaris is highlighting the industry and its growth, promoting manufacturing jobs, and sharing the story of its dedicated team of employees. Inside the Polaris manufacturing plant in Roseau, Minnesota, nearly 1,500 employees build snowmobiles, ATVs, and RZR vehicles.

Since 1954, when founders Edgar and Allan Hetteen and David Johnson pieced together the first snowmobile from parts in their machine shop, Polaris has been building the best off-road and category-defining vehicles right here in the United States. Today, Polaris machines are woven into the very fabric of American manufacturing. The sounds of production, feeling of craftsmanship and quality reverberate through the decades, joined now by a suite of integrated automated machines, robotics, and new technologies in the manufacturing process. But what echoes through the Roseau plant – and in each of the 12 other Polaris plants across the country – is the history of manufacturing as it combines new technologies with the legacy of skilled craftsmanship and quality that’s carried on in each employee that helps to build a Polaris vehicle.

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