How To Repair The Motorcycle Engine Crankshaft?

How To Repair The Motorcycle Engine Crankshaft?

Date:Oct 01, 2019

If the crankshaft of the motorcycle is broken, only the assembly can be replaced, because even if you use the repair later, it is not ideal.

The crankshaft assembly of a motorcycle mainly consists of a connecting rod, a needle bearing, and a curved cake. The damage of the crankshaft of the motorcycle is mainly due to the deformation of the connecting rod or the rupture of the needle. No matter which one of the above two components is damaged, the component can be replaced but replaced. The effect is not very good, because you can't be sure that the swing of the left and right pieces will be the same, so replacing the assembly is the best way to repair such a fault.

As for the installation process of the crankshaft, it is not easy to be simple, because the engine needs to be completely disassembled, otherwise the crankshaft cannot be replaced, but some parts inside the engine can be moved, such as the gearbox gear, and the starting mechanism can be moved without Be careful when changing clothes anyway. Therefore, it is best for the owner not to disassemble it by himself. It is best to find a professional maintenance person to repair it to avoid damage to other parts.

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