How To Choose Motorcycle Brake Pads

How To Choose Motorcycle Brake Pads

Date:Oct 15, 2019

Brake is an important part of motorcycle performance. High-performance brakes can bring more safety and better performance to the Cavaliers. Brake pads are the core of the brakes. How to choose the material, the replacement cycle is especially important. 

There are basically four types of brake pads available on the market:

1: Asbestos brake pads (the substance is easy to cause cancer, basically eliminated)

2: Semi-metal brake pads (good braking effect, fast heat failure, easy to have noise)

3: Ceramic brake pads (general braking effect, long life, stable)

4: NAO formula is also called non-asbestos organic type brake leather material brake pad (currently the best performance brake pads)

When replacing the brake pads, it is best to use high-performance brake pads. Although the price is higher than the economical brake pads, the material is much better, the service life is longer, and of course the safety is much stronger. When replacing the brake pads, use the same material as the old brake pads. Of course, if the new brake pad material is one level higher than the original material.

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