Date:Jan 29, 2021


CFMOTO has been dedicated in the powersports industry for the past 31 years, offering products ranging from ATV, Side-by-Side Vehicles, Motorcycles, Engines to Parts & Accessories. Starting from a small manufacturer of motorcycle parts, to the leading powersports brand name in China and enjoy a high reputation in the world, CFMOTO serves the customers all over the world with well-developed products and customer-focused experience.

After decades of development, CFMOTO has defined its core values to be “Determined, Progressive and More Fun”. The core values have not only become CFMOTO people’s behavior standards but also the brand behavior which tells how the brand is interacting with its customers.

We would say, “Determined” refers to the powerful drive and determination to stand out and be individual, to pursue exceptionally designed, innovative, more reliable and rewarding leisure vehicles. Never letting any challenge defeat us and continually exploring new possibilities –CFMOTO is here to stay.

“Progressive” means a commitment to looking ahead and striving for more. Never resting on CFMOTO laurels, we are always searching for better, more efficient, innovative and practical ways to create leisure vehicles that are enjoyable but are functional, reliable and captivating like CFMOTO vehicles – always moving forward.

“More fun” is an optimistic and passionate approach to delivering a kick. The CFMOTO brand embodies a passion for a fun driving experience. Striving to bring engineering excellence to the world. Creating thrilling, powerful vehicles for maximum shared user enjoyment –CFMOTO powersports products are fun, exciting and rewarding.

As a matter of fact, it took us a long time to define what we are and how we should behave, while our distributors are the ones who practice and convey the values in different parts of the world every single day. We are glad to see that these values become the guidance of CFMOTO people’s behaviors and are materialized into real actions.


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