Difference Between ATV UTV And Buggy

Difference Between ATV UTV And Buggy

Date:Mar 31, 2020

All-terrain vehicles are mainly divided into ATV, UTV, and Buggy.

The full name of ATV is All Terrain Vehicle (suitable for all terrain vehicles), commonly known as "ATV", also known as "all-terrain handle-type four-wheel off-road locomotive". The vehicle is simple and practical, has good off-road performance, and it is generally uncovered. Drive and drive four, in short, it is difficult to express its meaning with simple Chinese names. The biggest difference from UVT is that the structure is fully open, using motorcycle engines and motorcycle handlebars, and many parts are common to motorcycles, so it is also called a "four-wheel motorcycle", because the body does not roll Frame, the security is relatively low.

The full name of UTV (Utility Vehicle) is commonly known as "steel pipe car" for beach off-road. It is a model derived from ATV. It is suitable for all terrain driving like ATV. Compared with ATV, it is more like a car Because it is controlled by the steering wheel accelerator pedal, and there are differences between four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive, it also feels more off-road when driving, and UTV has a more practical design. In addition to using the steering wheel to control, UTV also has a roll cage. Protective measures such as safety belts can be said to be an upgraded version of ATV, so UTV is more often used as a "big toy" by some fashion crowds and car sports enthusiasts. If young people want to train, using UTV is also a good choice!

Buggy ATV, commonly known as Buggy Racing, is a rear-wheel drive desert-only racing car. Theoretically speaking, the Budget has the most advantages in the desert. Its shape is similar to UTV and ATV, but it is more a car made by motor sports technology experts for racing. Its horsepower will also be better than ATVs and UTVs are much larger, so Buggy is not a leisure off-road vehicle.

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