Design And Installation Of Rearview Mirror

Design And Installation Of Rearview Mirror

Date:Dec 15, 2020

cf moto 800 rear view mirrorcf 800 right rear view mirror

When designing a rear-view mirror, the main design points are: the field of view (indirect field of view) that the rear-view mirror can obtain, the deformation of the image, the sharpness of the image, the size of the image, the position of the image in the rear-view mirror, etc., easy to carry out The adjustment corresponding to the driver's viewpoint changes. The rearview mirror should be installed in the position where the up and down vibration of the vehicle body is minimal. When designing rearview mirrors, the following issues must be studied: (1) Shapes and structures that protect pedestrians and occupants from injury; (2) Conform to the concept of the entire vehicle; (3) Shapes that reduce air resistance; (4) Performance to adapt to various climatic conditions in the world; (5) Select the structure and materials suitable for mass production.

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