Connection Method Of Ball Joint

Connection Method Of Ball Joint

Date:Apr 20, 2020

Hisun 400 ATV Ball Joint BHisun 700 ATV Ball Joint B

Due to the size of the layout space and the type of control arm, the ball stud assembly and the control arm have the following connection methods, that is, bolt or rivet connection, directly pressed into the control arm and integrated with the control arm.

From the perspective of the development trend of ball studs, more and more non-removable ball studs made integral with the control arm are now used to meet the requirements of small space occupation, convenient loading and low cost. However, the service life of this type of ball stud is high, so as to avoid the failure of the entire control arm due to the wear of the ball stud or seat.

The connection between the ball stud and the steering knuckle mostly adopts the method of 1/6 ~ 1/10 taper matching. 

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