Chinese “Lynx” Attack Vehicle Assault Vehicle

Chinese “Lynx” Attack Vehicle Assault Vehicle

Date:May 18, 2020


Assault car: shock-absorbing spring is particularly long

The design of the assault vehicle itself is not troublesome. The car itself must be small enough, light enough, and the mobility is good enough, and the assault vehicle can also be used as a light battlefield off-road truck, transporting ammunition supplies and wounded, which is also widely used by European and American special forces. The reason is that ordinary Hummer vehicles are too large, armored vehicles are too heavy, and the passability is not good.

The all-terrain vehicle, which also has mature models in Europe and the United States, the most famous is the Swedish Hegron terrain vehicle. The BV-206 all-terrain vehicle is called the strongest model on the surface. The car is characterized by strong off-road capabilities and uses tracked sites. , The vehicle can pass through the snow swamp and cross the river, the front compartment can carry 6 people, or 600 kg of cargo, the rear compartment 11 fully armed soldiers or 1400 kg of cargo, good reliability, wide range of uses, has been more than 40 countries And regional equipment, the number of equipment has reached more than 11,000!

The BV-206 all-terrain vehicle invented in Sweden is indeed powerful off-road

The weakness of the Swedish all-terrain vehicle is that the car is heavy and expensive. The fully enclosed car design is very suitable for cold areas in Sweden. The bulk of the car is too high and the center of gravity is too high. This is an obvious weakness. The ability to cross the swamp and the river is a big advantage, and it is also the dead point of ordinary assault vehicles: you can't get out when you enter.


After careful analysis, the designer finally turned the car body into a closed type instead of the open type of the traditional assault car, which improved the buoyancy space. The BV-206 all-terrain vehicle of Hegelong Company relied on the crawler to draw water, and the only forward speed At 5km, the Chinese “Lynx” uses a tail propeller, which promotes higher efficiency!

China's "Lynx" assault vehicle with bright design

After careful design, Chinese designers have created a unique all-terrain assault vehicle in the world, which is suitable for a wide range of landforms and is cheap. The successful use of Bobcats in China also plays a powerful role in promoting foreign sales. More than ten countries compete to buy , This product is also a huge impact for European and American manufacturers.

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