China ATV Championship

China ATV Championship

Date:Jan 08, 2020


Reform and change are the theme of the race, why change? Where is the change? The main purpose and direction of CATV is to create the best ATV race in China and internationally. , Also build a platform for training all-terrain riders and attracting enthusiasts to participate in this sport.

First of all, the change of the race system has changed from a single "race" mode to a "race + entertainment" mode, and a single "driver" participation has changed to a "public participation" mode. The 2019 event is composed of a "3 + 1" mode, a "3" station in the traditional mode of the full championship, but it will increase the participation and content of public participation. The "1" station ATV carnival event is completely a public participation mode. The characteristics of the host city will present the competition simulation, driver stunts, driving experience, comprehensive entertainment, parent-child entertainment, etc. in the form of an ATV carnival. Try to ensure the authority of the competition and the carnival guarantee to expand the basic attention to the crowd, increase the reputation, and quickly cover the general population.

Second, expand snow and ice. Give full play to the characteristics and advantages of ATVs, and expand the brand and influence of the event. The biggest feature of ATVs is that they can walk freely on various terrains, and beaches, mountains, and even snow and ice pavements are their areas of display. Under the environment of China's vigorous promotion of ice and snow sports, the snow and ice prospects of ATVs are undoubtedly bright.

Third, resources help. As a cool mechanical fashion movement, it has the leading role of the social fashion frontier. CATV will attract celebrities from entertainment, sports, entrepreneurs and other sources to help the development of the event and guide the trend of the event.

Fourth, the intensity of competition has increased. Raise the total prize money of the event in an all-round way, promote the promotion of the level of competition, and show the charm and style of all-terrain vehicles to a greater extent. At the same time, in order to increase the excitement and appreciation of the event, according to the registration situation, adjust the group in a timely manner, implement a round-robin system, and integrate with international standards to improve the professionalism of the event.

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