Cang Wolf Assault Vehicle

Cang Wolf Assault Vehicle

Date:Jan 09, 2020

Finally, the biggest "selling point" of zhi-10me is briefly analyzed, and the "cang Wolf" light all-terrain assault vehicle is hoisted to carry out three-dimensional combat.For arms straight to lifting a certain weight of the goods, this is the concept of novel at home and abroad, narrowly associated example is the British apache arms straight in 2007 during the war on terror in Afghanistan, to rescue the trapped workers, in both the plugin on the nacelle a soldier as a further combat "assault conveyor" a short time.However, the zhi-10me has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 3 tons, which is very easy for the "grey Wolf" light assault vehicle, which weighs only 350 kg in combat, according to field staff.According to the "carina all-terrain" logo at the rear of the body, the "cang Wolf" light assault vehicle (actually a four-wheel all-terrain motorcycle) was developed by the domestic famous manufacturer carina group. The tl-4 light portable anti-tank missile (with image guidance) on display at the scene can only carry one crew member after combat configuration.When performing three-dimensional joint operations, straight - 10 me will through the way of use string bag at the bottom of the fuselage lifting "grey Wolf", it is unclear whether carry on "grey Wolf" crew, straight - 10 me directly to the lifting, or the adoption by the straight - 10 me lifting chariot to the intended location, again by the local allied soldiers on operational methods.Equipped with the tl-4 light anti-tank missile system, the "grey Wolf" light all-terrain assault vehicle can be seen on the ground.Overall, the more likely the warfare by straight - 10 me lifting "grey Wolf" raider buggies to deploy from the war zone and a certain distance, from "grey Wolf" before to specific regional reconnaissance, and through the data chain to send straight - 10 me enemy target data, by the latter from the horizon attack again, "grey Wolf" at this time also can choose TL - 4 missiles to supplement, make sure completely destroy target.It remains to be seen how effective the unique combat mode of "carrying out joint special operations by military assault vehicles" will be in the future as there is no precedent.


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