Can Am Ds650 Carb Problens

Can Am Ds650 Carb Problens

Date:Jun 22, 2020

I have a 2003 ds650 and had to buy a new carb. 

Installed the carb and it only ran on choke. 

Then I took out the jets in both carbs and put the old ones into the new carb. 

Idles great but not the slide will not move. 

When I press the throttle the slide bounces a little then the engine dies. 

If I hold my hand over part of the air side of the carb the slide moves and the throttle response is great. 

I have triple checked the slide diaphragm and even checked it by blowing air into it and the slide moves great. 

I'm at a loss at what is causing the slide not to move even with the airbox all set up.


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