Batteries Guaranteed

Batteries Guaranteed

Date:Mar 23, 2020

Walking out to the shed only to find that your trusty steed has a dead battery is quite disappointing, but knowing you do not have time to find one around town means you must search the wild web for a reliable replacement. Now we know your desire to ride will not be stopped by low voltage, and a simple jump from the boost box has gotten you going already. With this in mind we took it on ourselves to find at least six alternative batteries for your machine that you can order yourself from home. These all carry at least a one-year warranty so don’t screw it up.

If you have dealt with the world of off-road long enough, then you know the name Odyssey and the PC series of batteries are surely great products. Having a spare or second battery is something Odyssey batteries have been used for, but using this power pack for the main is totally doable. With a total of 170 cold cranking amps, we find the engine spinning up quite nice even before the first spark ignites the fuel. This non-spillable design also features a limited two-year full replacement warranty as well. You cannot beat that with a stick.

That ol’ Energizer bunny has been working on power products for years, and with the amount of respect they have earned there is no shame in this purchase. Dropping a stunning 350 cold cranking amps to your ATV or UTV engine is no problem at all for this battery. The battery is permanently sealed to remove risk of spills and the unit comes ready for action right out of the box! The AGM technology also allows charging and discharging without affecting the performance of this unit.


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