Ball Pin Manufacturing

Ball Pin Manufacturing

Date:Apr 15, 2020

Hisun 400 ATV Ball Joint BHisun 700 ATV Ball Joint B

The ball studs used for front suspension and rear suspension of independent suspensions are important protection safety components, and must be produced by processes that pay full attention to quality assurance.

1) Connector. Use hot forging, cold heading, compression molding or casting to make blanks, and then cut. The control of material heat treatment is a key factor.

2) Ball pin. Mechanical processing of cold heading products is the mainstream. The heat treatment control of the material is a key factor. In addition, for the tapered connection type product, the dimensional accuracy is the key factor to stabilize the fatigue limit, and measures need to be taken in the cold heading mold.

3) Tees. Synthetic resin materials such as polyacrylates and polyester elastomers with elasticity have become mainstream. In this structure, it is necessary to take measures on the shape and material design of the ball seat. In order to ensure that the molding is produced under stable accuracy, the accuracy control when the mold is produced is a key factor.

4) Assembly. The structure of the ball hinge is different, and the method of assembly is also different, but most of them use roller rolling as the main method.

To prevent the occurrence of different products, defective products, incorrect assembly, etc. in each process, corresponding measures to prevent errors have been adopted, and a fully digital inspection machine capable of checking torque, rocking angle, etc. has been adopted and combined together In each process. 

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