ATV Safe Driving Guide

ATV Safe Driving Guide

Date:Jul 04, 2020


1. Before driving this vehicle, complete the recommended safety training.

2. Never allow persons under 16 to drive this vehicle. Never allow anyone with cognitive impairments or disabilities to drive this vehicle.

3. Never carry passengers on this ATV.

4. The exhaust gas from the engine is toxic. Never start or run the engine in an enclosed area.

5. Before driving, learn how to use the auxiliary brake in an emergency (if the main brake is not available).

6. Only drive this vehicle in off-road conditions. Do not drive this vehicle on roads, shared streets, roads or highways (including dirt roads and gravel roads).

7. When visibility is low, such as heavy fog, rain and dark, you should slow down and drive carefully. Clean the headlights frequently and immediately replace the burned bulbs.

8. Drive the vehicle in a way that suits your driving skills and driving conditions. Do not drive faster. No attempt to glide, jump or perform other stunts. During driving, do not move your hand to the handlebars, you must place your feet on the footboard.

9. Do not drink alcohol or drugs before or while driving the ATV.

10. Always use tires of the correct size and type that meet your vehicle specifications. Always maintain proper tire pressure.

11. Never drive a damaged ATV. After a rollover or accident, hire a qualified service dealer to check the entire vehicle for damage.

12. It is forbidden to drive on the ice unless you have independently verified that the ice has sufficient thickness to withstand the weight and power of the ATV, yourself and the cargo, and any other vehicles in the same industry.

13. Do not touch the high-temperature exhaust system components. Always keep combustibles away from the exhaust system.

14. When the vehicle is not in use, be sure to remove the ignition key to prevent unauthorized use.

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