Application Of ATV In The Army

Application Of ATV In The Army

Date:Nov 30, 2019

In 1970, HONDA launched the first all-terrain vehicle (ATV), the three-wheeled US90, thus creating a new era in which ATV leads modern and stylish life. With the development of the domestic motorcycle industry and the huge attraction of the global ATV industry, more and more motorcycle companies in China are turning to the ATV market. Among the many motorcycle companies in Chongqing, Huansong Industrial Group is one of the powerful enterprises with characteristics to win. The company has a leading position in R & D, production and sales of ATVs with a large displacement of 200CC or above.

In recent years, Huansong Industrial Group has made great efforts in internal research and external linkage of high-end large-displacement motorcycle technology. In the 1990s, it was still rare for domestic motorcycle companies to have the production capacity of ATVs. Lisong, chairman of Huansong Group, sniffed out the market demand and huge potential of ATVs during the inspection of foreign markets. The research and development and manufacture of ATV products were not optimistic in the market environment of two-wheeled vehicles with small and medium displacement at the time. However, in recent years, ATV products have become more and more popular with consumers, and the potential of market demand has been developed as never before. Facts have proved that the entry of Huan Song into the field of ATV manufacturing is high. Since its launch, Huansong ATV has been in short supply. The current production capacity has reached 50,000 units. The product covers 50CC-700CC, with various displacements and types of ATVs, and has its own intellectual property rights. In particular, the three-displacement beach bikes of 400CC, 450CC, 500CC, 600CC, and 700CC represent the highest manufacturing level of China's beach bikes, even in the markets of developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and competing with world brands such as "Polaris" and "YAMAHA". The wind is falling and it's very hot.

Huan Song technical staff cooperated with the army personnel to specially modify the 10 700CC products and install a command system. Before the exercise, the soldiers surrounded 700CCATV products of Huan Song, and watched the performance evaluation and inspection of the technicians on site. The staff also explained the operation skills and methods to the soldiers, which made the soldiers very profitable. The soldiers also conducted a test ride under the guidance of the staff of Huan Song. During the exercise, the most important link is to cross obstacles and silt trenches. This is crucial in the rapid assault of combat troops. It is also a severe test for the ATS ATV, which determines the speed of the ATS products in the army. The magnitude of the effect of the assault. According to the pilots and soldiers participating in the exercise, the Huan pine 700CCATV not only has good dynamic performance when crossing obstacles such as dirt slopes, but also has good riding comfort, which can greatly reduce the fatigue of the soldiers; It can effectively protect the soldiers from being injured when waiting for the grooves; the tires have good grip performance and can effectively maintain the balance of the entire body; fast acceleration, good braking, difficult to stall, etc. The places where the Shenyang Military Region ’s troops usually train are mostly uncultivated mountains and ravines. The soldiers said that with the Huan pine 700CCATV, the quality of the troops ’training can be greatly improved, and they usually guard the forest and protect wild and cherished animals and plants to combat forest theft. Improve efficiency during hunting and reduce work fatigue. The leader of the army stated that 700CCATV is not the first product to be tried by the army, but it is indeed a domestic product with good performance. I hope that in the future, the company will be able to produce better products and equipment. Troops. The Huansong 700CCATV convinced the army's leaders and officers with superior performance.

ATV products and equipment are not new abroad. As early as the middle of the last century, the world's military powers have purchased high-powered four-wheel all-terrain vehicles, equipped with their elite special forces, such as a large number of US special forces. Equipped with "Athlete" ATVs, the US Department of Defense Special Operations Command has also signed production and delivery contracts for 700 ATVs with the famous "North Star" Industrial Company. It is said that high-performance ATVs can adapt to the world's most complex terrain. This time, the large-displacement ATV products of China will be able to make their debut in the military exercises of the Chinese combat forces. If they can stand the test, their sales prospects in the domestic and foreign markets will be bright, and the market demand for entertainment and sports products derived from them will also be bright. Unlimited. This is the result of Huan Song's relentless pursuit of high-performance motorcycle technology.

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