All-terrain Vehicles And Attack Vehicles Are Both Leading In Europe And America. Why Does The Chinese Bobcat Come From Behind?

All-terrain Vehicles And Attack Vehicles Are Both Leading In Europe And America. Why Does The Chinese Bobcat Come From Behind?

Date:Jul 20, 2020

Technically speaking, all the elements of the Lynx assault vehicle are not completely new. There are two main elements of the Lynx assault vehicle: assault vehicle, amphibious all terrain, and the first assault vehicle. There are almost as many assault vehicle models in the world. It is not uncommon for special forces to develop almost countless styles. Simply put, it is a highly mobile off-road site.

Assault vehicle: shock absorber spring is particularly long

The design of the assault vehicle itself is not troublesome. The vehicle itself must be small enough, light enough, and maneuverable enough, and the assault vehicle can also be used as a light battlefield off-road truck to transport ammunition supplies and the wounded. It is also widely used by European and American special forces. The reason is that the ordinary Hummer is too large, the armored vehicle is too heavy, and the passability is not good.

The all-terrain vehicle, which also has mature models in Europe and the United States, the most famous is the Swedish Heglon terrain vehicle. The BV-206 all-terrain vehicle is known as the strongest model on the surface. The vehicle is characterized by strong off-road capability and uses a crawler site. , The vehicle can pass through snowy swamps and rivers, the front carriage can carry 6 people, or 600 kilograms of cargo, and the rear carriage can carry 11 fully armed soldiers or 1,400 kilograms of cargo. It is reliable and versatile. It has been used in more than forty countries. And regional equipment, the number of equipment has reached more than 11,000!

The BV-206 all-terrain vehicle invented by Sweden is indeed capable of off-road

The weakness of the Swedish all-terrain vehicle is that the car is heavy and expensive. The fully enclosed car design is very suitable for cold areas in Sweden. The car is bulky and the center of gravity is too high. This is an obvious weakness, but compared with traditional European and American assault vehicles , Crossing the swamp, river ability is a big advantage, but also the dead point of ordinary assault vehicles: you can't get out, can you combine the two to create a cheap and efficient all-terrain assault vehicle?

This is the original idea of the Chinese Lynx assault vehicle. All the elements were not invented by China first, but the Chinese cleverly combined all of them to create a full-potential amphibious all-terrain assault vehicle model. The ability to cross swamps and rivers on ordinary assault vehicles? After careful analysis, the designer finally turned the car body into a closed type instead of the open type of the traditional assault vehicle, which improved the buoyancy space. The BV-206 all-terrain vehicle of Hegelon Company, relying on the crawler to paddle, has a forward speed only 5 kilometers, the Chinese Lynx adopts a tail propeller, which has higher propulsion efficiency!

Chinese Lynx assault vehicle with bright design

In terms of vehicle design and development technology, China is far behind Europe and the United States. However, Chinese designers did not lose the spirit of independent innovation because of their weak foundation. After careful conception, they created a unique all-terrain assault vehicle in the world, which is suitable for a wide range of applications. With its geographical features and low prices, the successful use of Lynx in China has also played a strong role in promoting foreign sales. More than a dozen countries are competing to buy it. This product is also a huge impact on European and American manufacturers.

For the success of the Chinese Lynx, the Americans are a bit sour. A colonel of the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army said: The Chinese Lynx assault vehicle is not suitable for surprise operations and special operations. The Lynx assault vehicle is only suitable for first-line operations, that is, it is quickly put into the combat area. , And in surprise operations and special operations, its endurance can only be maintained up to 100 kilometers, and the travel distance of the British "Jackal" type all-terrain vehicle is indeed more than 600 kilometers!

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