93 Trail Boss 250 4x4 Issue

93 Trail Boss 250 4x4 Issue

Date:May 12, 2020

Got a hand-me-down trail boss from my dad. It started right up and ran great in the summer of 2019. I guess in the fall, it wouldn't start any longer. My dad pulled the carb out and cleaned it up. Still wouldn't start. Also threw in a new spark plug and I confirmed it's gap. I made sure that gas is getting down into the carb. Finally, I adjusted the choke screw 1.5 turns out and tried different settings with the idle screw. It turns over like it could catch, so I know it's not the starter or anything. If I give it a little throttle while turning it over there is maybe the very faintest sound of an extra grunt but I could be imaging that.

I'm thinking about trying a new carb off of ebay. First, I had a couple questions to make sure I'm currently all hooked up correctly.

There are 3 inlets (not sure what they're called exactly but they're basically nipple inlets). 2 brass and 1 black. I know at least 2 of them had hoses on them - my dad thought they were just air inlets and could remain open without hoses. Can anyone confirm this. Here are some pictures showing one of the brass nipples on the left and black nipple dead center, just above the idle screw:

The other nipple is located below the carb and I can't get a picture of that one while the carb is installed.

The other question I had is that there was another inlet nipple coming off near the chain sprocket (off the gear box??? Not sure what that is exactly). I believe my dad actually replaced the hose coming off of that and that is also currently open to the air. Is that correct? Should that be connected to one of the carb inlets? Here is a picture of that:

Final question - depending on what you guys have to say about the above info. Anyone have any luck with specific sellers of aftermarket carbs on ebay or other places?


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