2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP

2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP

Date:Mar 30, 2020

With 181 hp, the 2020 Polaris Pro XP 4 is equipped with a larger turbo that creates even more boost. This results in snappier acceleration between 20 and 50 mph.

Grab your wide-screen goggles and prepare for the ultimate 3-D thrill ride because Polaris just released the all-new 2020 RZR Pro XP 4 side-by-side. That’s right, the biggest super-sport UTV that Polaris has ever built will feature a 180-hp turbocharged 999cc engine with a 125-inch wheelbase, and the best suspension the company has ever deployed on a four-seater. If you are looking for a way to melt your friends’ minds, then click play on the video below and prepare to spend another 30 grand because you have little or no self-control when it comes to buying new toys.

As if the regular XP 4 wasn’t good enough, the new Pro XP 4 features a passenger compartment with 4 inches more shoulder room, 3 inches more legroom, and an elevated rear passenger viewing area that is intended to make the ride experience even better for the folks in back. But, wait, there’s more…

For the first time ever seen in a side-by-side, the rear seats fold down to create a huge additional 16 cubic feet of cargo area behind the front seats. This is huge for anyone who has embraced the sport-UTV lifestyle. Sure, you can drive your General to your favorite hunting or camping spot, but you can also drive your Pro XP 4 and have a thrilling back-up plan in case you get skunked or your partner gets bored of playing Parcheesi. The storage area looks big enough for a week’s worth of camping gear, maybe a couple of trophy bucks, even a bear, if that’s your thing. No matter what gets your motor running, the Pro XP 4 is going to supply the high-horsepower energy to make your time in the wild a memorable one.

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