2020 ATV Exhibition

2020 ATV Exhibition

Date:Dec 18, 2019


Time: May 9-11, 2020                           Venue: Guangzhou • China Import and Export Fair Complex


As the first professional sports leisure tourism vehicle exhibition in China, 2020 Asia Sports and Leisure Vehicle Exhibition aims to create a global business platform for product display and negotiation and cooperation for industry companies. The Organizing Committee integrates various resources, and invites many domestic and foreign industry associations, importers and exporters and outstanding brand companies to participate in it, and jointly create an industry event for brand display, cultural promotion, cooperation and exchange, and procurement negotiations to help the new sports car industry. development of.

[Exhibition Scope]

1. Sports car series:

A. Off-road vehicle: single / double off-road vehicle, multi-person off-road vehicle, off-road kart, off-road vehicle, off-road motorcycle, track car, large sports car, small sports car, forest road car, off-road bicycle, mountain bike, snowmobile, grass Function cars, etc.

B. ATV: electric ATV, two-wheeled ATV, four-wheeled ATV, towed ATV, children's recreational vehicle, three-wheeled / four-wheeled motorcycle, etc .;

2. Tour bus series:

City tour sightseeing car, mountain tour sightseeing car, VIP tour sightseeing car, golf cart, electric sightseeing car, electric tour car, solar electric tour car, electric field car, battery sightseeing car, electric police car, battery tour car, battery tour car , Observation cars, tourist tricycles, cable cars, etc .;

3. Recreational vehicle series:

Harley, balance bike, single / two-seat go-kart, beach kart, battery go-kart, single / double-seat recreational vehicle, amusement sports car, single-seater / two-seat bumper, recreational vehicle, RV, recreational motorcycle, recreational bicycle, All-terrain vehicle, variable-speed vehicle, racing car, electric bicycle, folding bicycle, performance vehicle, electric scooter, electric scooter, electric three-wheeled recreational vehicle, electric recreational vehicle, folding recreational vehicle, off-road recreational vehicle, electric three-wheeled vehicle Recreational vehicles, urban recreational vehicles, road vehicles, mountain bikes, dead fly, recreational vehicles, surfers, mopeds, RV camping bases, and other sports, leisure, and tourist vehicle bases;

4. Parts series:

Suspension damping system, four-wheel hydraulic braking system, high-strength special tempered glass, charging equipment, motors, controllers, meters, tires, seats, speed indicators, housings, tires and rubber products and related accessories.

【Exhibition Highlights】

1. China's first professional sports leisure tourism vehicle exhibition, invites global buyers to participate together;

2. During the same period, the 23 pavilions opened together, with exciting activities and sharing hot traffic;

3.Provide professional customized services for customers free of charge, and provide free interstellar accommodation services for professional buyers;

4. International and domestic strong cooperation, there is a professional international team to invite international exhibitors and buyers to provide one-stop services for international trade of enterprises.

Related International Associations:

American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)

The Wisconsin ATV/UTV Association (WATVA)

Central Mountains ATV Association

International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA)

American Council of Snowmobile Associations

Vermont ATV Sportsman's Association (VASA)

Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs

The RV Industry Association

All Terrain Vehicle Industry European Association (ATVEA)

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