2019 Dakar Rally Chinese Drivers Set New Record

2019 Dakar Rally Chinese Drivers Set New Record

Date:Dec 06, 2019

On the same day, the drivers took part in a special stage of 112 km in Pisco, and then went to Lima to participate in the award ceremony. The motorcycle group started early in the morning. As a result, KTM's Australian driver Price, Honda's Chilean Conero and KTM's Austrian driver Walker won the top three in this stage. Price also took the personal second Dakar championship trophy, and Walkerna and British driver Sunderland, also from the KTM team, won the second and third place.

Chinese motorcycle riders Zhang Min and Zhao Hongyi successfully finished the race. Zhang Min finished 46th. After finishing the race in the ordinary group last year, Zhao Hongyi participated in the no-backup group to challenge himself this year. He finally appeared at the celebration ceremony with the total ranking of 58th and no-backup group. He became the first in the no-backup group. Chinese driver after the race.

In an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters after the game, Zhang Min said: "I participated in the Dakar for 3 consecutive years and finally successfully completed a race. I am very excited. I feel that I enjoy the Dakar this time The whole process of the game. "

In the car group, Spanish driver Sainz won the stage championship, and French driver Loeb and Depree scored second and third, but they were unable to shake the "Prince of the Desert" and Toyota's Qatar driver Atia early. Established Leadership. In this way, Atiyah won the Dakar championship for the first time for Toyota. This is also his third Dakar title. Mini driver Spanish driver Rome finished second and Loeb finished third.

Han Wei and navigator Liao Yan from Geely's Shell Lubricant Cooper Tire team finished the race with a total of 27th place. In this Dakar race, the Han Wei team finished the race in eighth place on the seventh stage, creating the best stage ranking for Chinese drivers.

Han Wei said after the game: "Facing the challenge, our first show was not complete, but it was full. Through the game, we found many problems and established our advantages. We never lack the confidence to challenge everything, 2020 Come back to the Dakar Rally next year. "

The Yong team has two cars participating this year. Among them, He Zhitao and pilot Zhao Kai hit a stone on the track during the third stage of the race, causing the pilot to feel unwell and finally decided to retire. Another driver, Liang Yuxiang, and pilot Kou Hongtao finished the race with a 31st place.

Liang Yuxiang, 65, set the record for the oldest Chinese driver in Dakar. In an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters after the game, Liang Yuxiang said: "The Dakar race is extraordinary. These 10 stages are very cruel and exciting!"

In the other categories, Argentine driver Cavigliasso won the championship of the quad bike group, he proposed to his girlfriend in public at the awards ceremony, and won the audience's blessing. Chilean driver Lopez won the SXS group. Russia's Nikolaev team won the truck group championship.

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