2019 Bombardier Snowmobiles

2019 Bombardier Snowmobiles

Date:Dec 07, 2019

Renegade riders refuse to be defined as "only a single driving experience." However, their feelings about the terrain change every day, even every hour.

Every time they left, they didn't leave anything that could be "hidden." They demanded that the snowmobiles could do the same, and no matter how the conditions changed.

The above is an overview of this snowmobile by BRP. In fact, the highlights are the combination. One of the rebel snowmobiles has a different driving experience every time. The second rebel snowmobile can run anywhere at any time. Any snowy area.

Renegade 900T X RS [Rebel] Snowmobile It was born for more professional snowmobile riders. They are synonymous with strength and agility, and they are also veterans of the "battlefield." They like to challenge everything more difficult and harsher snow.

Renegade 900T XRS

ROTAX 900 ACE turbocharged engine

Full of motivation

150 horsepower Rotax 900 ACE Turbo engine provides instant acceleration under the thrust of the throttle. With a turbo made by Rotax specifically designed for the 900 ACE engine, riders get the technology they love, and they need reliable, powerful performance in an advanced engine package.

Like the basic 900 ACE, this turbocharged engine also includes Driveline Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) with three driving modes (sports, standard, environmentally friendly) and finger throttle.

* Under optimal conditions, observe HP metric based on internal dyno test.

PDRIVE clutch

Fast response, high output efficiency and quick disassembly.

 A major factor, REV skis are equipped with new PDrive clutches. Fast and frictionless dual roller transfer torque replaces traditional sliding buttons on this 100% clutch. Large roller with needle bearing, wide swing block and shaft-to-shaft design enhance the smooth operation of the machine and extend the clutch life.

EV—Gen4 platform

The next generation frame is another legend

The fourth-generation REV platform is designed around active off-road riders. The narrow, compact package gives the rider more freedom to move and play. More focused masses (especially side-to-side), lightweight and industry-leading suspension make the vehicle ultra-responsive.

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