Yangtze River Motorcycle adopts Chunfeng 400NK engine

Date:May 21, 2020

This car should be named the two-wheeled version of the new Yangtze Bobbie III. According to domestic media reports, I have seen the final makeup photos of the actual car. The appearance of the whole car is the British style of Bobber. The design of the seat is quite adorable.

In terms of power, the engine on the spring breeze 400NK that everyone is familiar with has a maximum power of 30.5kw and a horsepower of about 41 horsepower. It is the same as its own 400NK in data. However, other configurations will be matched with KYB's shock absorption and Bosch's EFI system, and ABS has not been absent.

Road test photos, it can be clearly seen that the future manufacturers will launch two versions of single seater version and double seater version

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