Working Principle of Recoil Starter

Date:Nov 18, 2020


Pull the starter handle to drive the starter wheel wrapped with the starter rope to rotate. The starter wheel toggles the starter dial connected to the crankshaft of the gasoline engine to drive the crankshaft of the engine to make the piston reciprocate, and the combustible mixture in the cylinder burns and expands to do work. The downward movement of the piston causes the crankshaft to rotate. Therefore, the engine transitions from a stationary state to a working state, and the working cycle is automatically carried out. At this time, the starting dial rotates with the engine crankshaft, and the starting pawl on the starting dial separates from the starting wheel under the action of centrifugal force. The starter wheel compresses the return spring while turning the starter dial. After the starter starts the engine, the starter wheel, pull rope and handle return to the starting position under the action of the return spring.

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