Why is EPS Only Found on 4x4s?

Date:Jan 11, 2021

That said, why don’t you commonly see EPS then from the factory? A few reasons. First of all it adds weight and complexity to the machine. Sport and beginner machines are often marketed and sold on the premise of light and simple. It also adds cost.

Further, it’s a rather unnecessary luxury for backyard cruising and smooth trail work. One of its major benefits is the ability to mute terrain feedback up through the bars, particularly while climbing or rock crawling. In short, conditions where more powerful, heavier purpose-built machinery will be demanded.

Plus the heavier the machine coupled to the added complexity and resistance of AWD is often offset by the power steering system. A rear-drive sport model will, of course, be much lighter steering from a handling perspective by its very nature.

Lastly, muted terrain feedback is valuable to every ATV, especially when speeds increase, that’s why many racers and performance riders opt for running steering dampers (which are lighter and much less complex than EPS) on their quads.

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