What will happen if the water pump is broken

Date:Jun 06, 2020


  The motorcycle is connected to the water pump by means of the rotation of the magnetic du motor to generate the driving force, that is, the crankshaft of the engine is used to output the power dao. The only disadvantage of this is the poor heat dissipation of the engine. Straddling is natural air cooling The cooling method of long-term neutral fueling will cause the temperature of the engine body to rise rapidly. If the temperature of the cylinder rises to more than 100° for a long time, the engine lubricating oil film will gradually become thinner, which accelerates the wear of the engine's running parts. Shorten the service life of the engine.

 Motorcycles only have water pumps for water cooling, but not for air cooling. Air cooling mainly depends on the wind generated when the motorcycle is running to cool the engine, and water cooling depends on the water circulation of the pump to cool the engine.

   If the engine is driven at a high temperature (about 300 degrees) for a long time, a cylinder burn event will occur.

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