What are the symptoms of a broken steering machine

Date:Apr 01, 2020


Symptom 1: Difficulty in steering the steering wheel

Generally, the steering wheel of the vehicle has the function of automatic returning to the steering wheel. For cars equipped with hydraulic power steering, the automatic returning function is weakened due to the hydraulic damping effect. However, if the returning speed is too slow, it means that the returning is correct. Functional failure. This failure usually occurs in the steering machinery.

Symptom 2: Shake or run away

Cars on the side of the supply pavement have a tendency to deflect. When the arch is large, the deflect is more obviously caused by external factors. After the problem of car tire pressure is ruled out, it is likely that a mechanical part of the steering gear is loosened or broken.

Symptom 3: The steering wheel is heavy while light

If the driver feels that one side is turning lightly while he is steering the steering wheel, the other half is turning heavily. This symptom is usually caused by the leakage of the seal responsible for sealing the high-pressure cavity on one side, and there may be a limit in that direction. The valve is not adjusted properly.

Symptom 4: Steering machine leaks oil

Although the steering gear oil leakage is a relatively obvious symptom, if the car is mainly not paying attention, this detail is often ignored, so when we find that the steering is abnormal, we can check whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage on the steering machine. It is related to the aging of the seal ring or tubing of the steering gear.

Symptom 5: abnormal sound of steering machine

When you are driving, you notice that there is a noticeable abnormal noise when you turn the steering wheel. This symptom indicates that your steering wheel may be broken. There are many problems that cause abnormal noises, which are generally related to the failure of steering power oil, universal joints, and plane bearings. The abnormal noises are also one of the more obvious symptoms, so they should be immediately sent to the 4S shop for repairs when found.

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