What are the performance of the overrunning clutch broken?

Date:Nov 25, 2020

0180-091200 (1)

The overrunning clutch is an indispensable device in the motorcycle electric starting system. Its main function is to transmit and cut off the driving force transmitted by the starter to the engine. If it is damaged, the following two situations will occur. 1. The starter is idling. If the overrunning clutch is damaged because the driving force cannot be transmitted to the engine crankshaft, the electric starting system will idling. 2. If the engine does not move, if the overrunning clutch is damaged and stuck, the engine will not run normally, which is mainly caused by the overrunning clutch not being separated. After the overrunning clutch is damaged, the electric starting system will not work normally, and sometimes the engine will not rotate, so its fault performance is quite serious. The damage of the overrunning clutch is nothing more than quality and improper use. Under normal circumstances, as long as the overrunning clutch is used reasonably, the probability of failure of the overrunning clutch is still relatively low, but if the quality of the parts is not reliable, unreasonable use will cause excessive wear of the device. Frequent damage.

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