Wash the car taboo

Date:Jan 09, 2020

Everyone knows that after a period of time, the car needs to be maintained, and our motorcycles are also required. Say the easiest car wash, most riders must be thinking: just wash this with water yourself! Isn't it true that the car was washed like this? Is there any damage to the car? With everyone's questions, today I will tell you a few points to pay attention to when washing the car, I hope it will be useful to everyone.

Avoid car washing when the vehicle is hot

You do n’t need much water to clean a motorcycle, and many owners rinse it with water. However, when the engine and the exhaust pipe are in a high temperature state, wash them immediately with water. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the engine suddenly cools down, and parts will deform, which will cause great damage to the engine. Thermal expansion and contraction will also damage the oil seals in various parts of the engine, resulting in engine oil leakage. It can also peel off the chrome layer at the junction of the exhaust pipe and the engine, causing rust.

2. Use as little cleaning agent as possible

Many riders think that the cleaning agent is convenient and clean. In fact, in order to achieve the decontamination effect, many cleaning agents contain a large amount of harmful substances, which have been used for a long time. The damage to the car paint is great. Although it looks clean, it reduces the service life of the car paint and easily causes cracking. ,Ageing.

3. Some parts should not be washed with water

Headlights, handlebars, switches, exhaust pipes, horns, spark plugs, air cleaners, batteries and other components should not be washed with water. There are many circuit connections in these parts, which may easily cause short circuit or leakage. May cause: Lights are not bright, horns are not loud, fires are not possible, power failure, etc. It is best to use cleaning cloths to clean these parts.

4. Don't use tire wax

The structure of cars and motorcycles is very different. Cars are always in equilibrium, motorcycles are just the opposite. This leaves a lot of security risks.

5. Points to note after cleaning the vehicle

Take off the spark plug cap and shake it a few times, and shake the water out, otherwise it will affect the ignition. Next start the vehicle, run at idle speed for 5-10 minutes, drain the water from the exhaust pipe, and then drive on the road for a few minutes or dry in the shade. Do not expose to the sun. Finally the shell can be waxed and the chain relubricated.


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