Volkswagen's classic ATV returns to the rivers and lakes

Date:Apr 10, 2020

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to British media reports on January 30, Volkswagen confirmed on the same day that it will revive its classic ATV, but it will incorporate new elements into the car and will be transformed into an electric concept car. Of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.


The new beach concept car will be based on Volkswagen's MEB pure electric modular platform. MEB enables Volkswagen to put low-volume niche models (such as ATVs) into production.

The preview image released by Volkswagen shows that the car has large wheel arches, extra-large wheels, off-road tires and round headlights in a beetle style. It also implies that this car is a modern interpretation of Volkswagen's classic ATV. Due to the positioning of the off-road ATV, the car uses an open cockpit design and is not equipped with doors and roof.

It is unclear whether this resurgent off-road ATV will be put into production. Due to the lack of doors, crash testing will be a challenge. It is understood that the original ATV was designed by Californian Bruce Meyers for desert racing in 1964. It was produced in the form of an assembled car based on the shortened chassis of the Volkswagen Beetle between 1964 and 1971.

More news is at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland on March 5, and Volkswagen will unveil this car.

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